About Us

Ironclad Property Management is the multi family and investor division of Robert C. White & Company. We are a process based company and we pride ourselves in our ability to remove the headaches of managing rental property while improving performance for our clients.

Meet the Team

Sam Eddinger » Business Manager, Owner
Picture of Sam Eddinger
Sam Eddinger has been involved in real estate from a young age, helping his mother and father maintain their real estate properties. Sam witnessed first hand how investing in real estate with a long time horizon can build wealth. With the real estate market near a bottom in 2012, Sam saw an opportunity and starting aggressively buying real estate in central Connecticut. In 2018, after 15 years as a nuclear engineer, he surprised his coworkers and managers by leaving his desk job to start Ironclad Property Management. Because of his experience in engineering, Sam brings a data analysis and process based approach to property management. Because of his experience as an investor, Sam works to help each client improve their investment rate of return by renting high, renting fast, and renting well. Reach out to Sam to find out more!
860-254-7343 sam@ironcladpm.com
Luke Eddinger » Strategic Consultant
Picture of Luke Eddinger
Luke Eddinger rebuilt Robert C. White & Company into a vibrant and well respected property management company throughout Connecticut after relaunching the firm in 2012. In 2018, Luke decided to partner with brother Sam to grow Ironclad Property Management into the premier destination for real estate investors throughout Connecticut. Luke brings a diverse strategic mind to the team, receiving his MBA from Harvard and spending years consulting for Fortune 500 companies.