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Self Showing Technology on Property Management

Ironclad Property Management - Thursday, May 11, 2023

Self-showing technology in property management refers to the use of technology to enable prospective tenants to view and tour rental properties without the need for an in-person meeting with a property manager or leasing agent. This technology typically includes a combination of online tools such as virtual tours, 3D floor plans, and video walkthroughs that can be accessed by prospective tenants through a website or mobile app.

Some self-showing technology also includes features such as keyless entry, which allows tenants to access the property using a code or digital key provided to them through the app, or a lockbox or smart lock on the property. This allows prospective tenants to view the property at their own convenience, without the need to coordinate with a property manager or leasing agent.

This technology can benefit both property managers and tenants. Property managers can save time and resources by not having to schedule and conduct in-person tours, while tenants can view properties more efficiently and at their own convenience.