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The future of real estate!

Ironclad Property Management - Thursday, January 27, 2022

Did you know that our tenants are raving fans of technology? Whether it is the ability to pay rent through our tenant portal or at CVS, 7/11 or Walmart, to put in maintenance requests with photos so we can get the right vendor out the first time, our emergency maintenance line to troubleshoot and triage emergencies right away (even at 2 in the morning), or even to do self inspections, tenants love the ability to use technology to make their rental experience better, faster, and easier.

None of these technologies existed even twenty years ago.

We are starting to see some of the future technologies that are going to lead the next twenty years. Here’s our list of two to look out for the future

1: Artificial Intelligence can be an intimidating and even threatening idea to some. Science fiction has conditioned us to view it as something that will ultimately overpower human intelligence and bring about our demise. But, today’s AI solutions do not dream of electric sheep yet, and are used to meet a growing need for convenience and efficiency. Real estate AI platforms can range from robots giving house tours to immersive virtual tours offered from the comfort of your client’s couch. Beyond its consumer-centric approach, AI can streamline processes for agents by automating repetitive tasks, like answering questions in real-time with chatbots, and use predictive analytics to sift through large amounts of data to target hot leads.

2: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) offer a unique try-before-you-buy model in real estate. Thanks to aerial footage obtained from drones and 3D technology, your clients can now “step into” a space and have an immersive virtual experience while you assist another client. Agents may soon no longer need to spend time and money staging a space, because clients are able to personalize it with virtual furniture. Many international investors already use VR before considering a real estate purchase, and this trend will increase as the VR experience becomes more immersive and sophisticated. Allowing your clients to evaluate a space will help speed up their decision-making process and is more likely to put you in touch with an interested buyer and/or tenant all from the comfort of their own home.

We are staying up on technology so our tenant experience can continue to be the best possible. We know that happy tenants stay longer and pay more for great service and technology continues to lead the way!