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Ironclad Property Management specializes in helping single and multi-family investors throughout central Connecticut. We are a process based company and we pride ourselves in our ability to remove the headaches of managing rental property while improving performance for our clients.

Ironclad's Company Culture

Welcome to Ironclad Property Management blog! Today, we want to talk about our company culture, which is based on four core values that guide everything we do. We believe that our culture plays a crucial role in our success as a company, and we are committed to maintaining and improving it. Here are the four core values that guide us:

  • Serve first, serve well: We believe that serving our customers and clients is our top priority. We strive to understand their needs and provide them with exceptional service and support. We believe that by putting our customers first, we will build long-lasting relationships and achieve success together.

  • Win together, lose together: We understand that success is a team effort. We believe in collaborating and working together towards our common goals. We celebrate our successes together, and we learn from our failures together. We believe that by working together, we can achieve more than we ever could alone.

  • Always improving: We are committed to continuous improvement. We believe that there is always room for growth and development, both as individuals and as a company. We encourage our employees to take on new challenges, learn new skills, and push themselves to be the best they can be. We also welcome feedback from our customers and clients, and we use that feedback to improve our products and services.

  • Technologically focused: We believe in the power of technology to transform our industry. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and using the latest tools and techniques to provide the best possible service to our customers and clients. We invest in technology and provide our employees with the training and resources they need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in our field.

    At our company, we take these values seriously. We believe that they are the foundation of our culture, and we strive to live up to them every day. We believe that by serving our customers first, working together, always improving, and being technologically focused, we can achieve great things together.

Meet the Team

Sam Eddinger » Business Manager, Owner

Sam Eddinger has been involved in real estate from a young age, helping his mother and father maintain their real estate properties. Sam witnessed first hand how investing in real estate with a long time horizon can build wealth. With the real estate market near a bottom in 2012, Sam saw an opportunity and starting aggressively buying real estate in central Connecticut. In 2018, after 15 years as a nuclear engineer, he surprised his coworkers and managers by leaving his desk job to start Ironclad Property Management. Because of his experience in engineering, Sam brings a data analysis and process based approach to property management. Because of his experience as an investor, Sam works to help each client improve their investment rate of return by renting high, renting fast, and renting well. Reach out to Sam to find out more!

Jose Nunez

Meet Jose Nunez, our dynamic Special Projects Manager at Ironclad Property Management since June 2023. Jose is not only a dedicated professional but also a passionate individual with a love for soccer, action movies, and quality family time. With an eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Jose plays a very important role in driving the success of our company by leading special projects that contribute to our growth and prosperity. His multifaceted interests and commitment make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Kay Singh

Born in Punjab, India, Kay is the descendent of generations of landowners. He grew up near Washington, DC and moved to the New Haven area as a teenager. Kay was an engineering student at CCSU. His attention to detail, and his friendly, outgoing personality led him to new opportunities, becoming partner/owner of a contemporary Indian restaurant in New Haven. At the time the restaurant opened in 2017, Kay and his partner were heralded by the Economic Development Commissioner for the City of New Haven as being entrepreneurial pioneers.

Kay’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to grow and evolve, as both a restauranteur and real estate investor with multiple investment properties. The business and personal skills he honed at the restaurant are evident in his real estate dealings. He is a people person and understands property ownership is a milestone for some, an investment for others, and a goal to be reached for many. His ability to make relationships with a wide range of clients and provide solutions for their real needs is his number 1 objective. Aside from his professions, Kay loves picking up a game of soccer with his friends, cooking, and working on cars.

Kay will be your trusted real estate consultant and will be there for you and your family and friends for years to come.

Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos has always had a passion for customer service, technology, and real estate because of his family’s spa business. He recently graduated with a degree in computing engineering and has worked on large projects for Amazon, Fitbit, and Google. From these positions, Carlos has gained significant experience and he always tries to bring this knowledge to the table; helping his peers and clients. Carlos enjoys photography and has a side-project with a friend of his where they post pictures and promote local restaurants.

Janina Eddinger

Janina Eddinger and her husband Sam started the company in 2018, while he was running the business she was running their busy household (they got 6 kids!). Janina officially joined the team in Spring 2022, starting as the Happiness coordinator. Then she quickly realized that her gifts also included getting to know people and building relationships, this is how she started as the Business Development Manager. Janina’s hobbies include swimming, lifting, hiking, snowboarding, basically everything that involves staying active. She also enjoys trying new food. Janina loves to talk real estate and loves referrals. Reach out anytime!

Anthony Castillo

Anthony Castillo is currently a Resident Specialist and Maintenance Coordinator since November 2022. Anthony loves helping our clients and provide solutions for their real needs, he’s a proactive problem solver. Some of his hobbies include hiking and drumming, he also enjoys playing soccer since he was a child. Feel free to contact Anthony for any more information about how he helps our clients and tenants, he’s always happy to help.

Olivia Jaime

Olivia Jaime started working with Ironclad Property Management since October 2022 as the Assistant Business Development Manager. Having graduated from University La Salle Noroeste with a degree in Finance and Accounting, she worked for several years in customer service and management. Her hobbies include indoor cycling and baking. We are also happy to announce that she has joined us in our Sales and Marketing department, responsible for the helpful content seen on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Reach out to Olivia to find out more!

Denisse Rangel

Denisse started working with Ironclad Property Management in April 2023 as Leasing Specialist. Some of her duties in this role include application screening, property marketing, documentation for new tenants and start eviction processes. Denisse loves watching sitcoms and enjoys being surrounded by nature. Feel free to contact Denisse for any more information about how she helps our clients and tenants, she’s always happy to help.

Kyle DeMorais

Kyle Demorais, our Field Inspector at Ironclad Property Management. Joining us in early 2023, Kyle supports our property managers by conducting thorough inspections and ensuring compliance. With a passion for fishing and a collection of sports cars, he brings a meticulous and adventurous spirit to his role. Kyle's dedication and expertise make him an invaluable asset to our team as we strive to deliver exceptional property management services.

Mike Bernard

Meet Mike Bernard, our exceptional Client Success Manager at Ironclad! Since joining our team in November 2020, Mike has been ensuring our clients' success and satisfaction. With his background in the golf industry prior to joining Ironclad, Mike brings a unique perspective to the world of property management. Not only is he a licensed realtor, but he is also passionate about two of his favorite sports: hockey and golf. Mike's enthusiasm for these sports translates into his work, as he approaches challenges with the same level of dedication and strategic thinking. With his wealth of knowledge and customer-centric approach, Mike consistently goes above and beyond to exceed our clients' expectations. His exceptional interpersonal skills and attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted partner for our clients.

Joshua Bernard

Joshua Bernard, plays a vital role as an Accounting expert at Ironclad Property Management. Joshua has been an invaluable asset since he joined us in 2021, skillfully managing our financial records with dedication and precision. Outside of work, Joshua's passion for reading books and staying physically active through exercise and running truly exemplifies his well-rounded character. Let us welcome Joshua as he continues to bring his exceptional skills and enthusiasm to our team, ensuring our financial endeavors remain in the best hands possible.

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