Our Resident Benefits Package provides benefits all the time: before moving in, during your tenancy and then when you are planning to leave. We document the 16 benefits that tenants love the most, but we are always adding more ways to save you time, money, and help you rent a new home or even buy a house. The cost of the Resident Benefits Package is $24 per month + $6 per month for each additional leaseholder. Read more!

Before Moving In

1: MOVING CONCIERGE PROGRAM: The moving concierge service is a third-party company which assists residents in activating utilities, internet, cable, and alarm services with one simple phone call rather than individualized requests to specific companies. Some companies offer promotional programs and discounts. The Utility Concierge Program simplifies the process of transferring all services and utilities into the name of incoming resident.

2: CONVENIENT MOVE IN / SELF INSPECTION: New residents can enjoy the convenience of moving in on their own time. A lockbox will be provided for the resident to access on the lease start date. New residents will also be able to complete a supplemental move-in report within 5 days of lease start using a provided service/app. While Ironclad Property Management performs detailed move-in inspections, photos, and/or video prior to resident occupancies, this unique feature affords residents the opportunity to provide additional documentation which supplements Ironclad Property Management inspections.

3: ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT SIGNING: Ironclad Property Management takes the hassle out of document signing by using an electronic signing software for all documents requiring a signature. This reduces a resident’s time having to do administrative items prior to move in so they can spend more time focusing on getting packed! With our electronic signature software, you can sign required documents in seconds, no matter where you are. All parties involved will be notified when the signatures have been executed and emailed a copy of the signed document.

During Your Tenancy

4: MULTIPLE WAYS TO PAY: Ironclad Property Management offers multiple online and in-person payment options. These options include:

  • Free online ACH payment (E-check). These can be auto-scheduled to prevent you from ever forgetting to pay your rent!

  • Online credit or debit card payments (service charge applies). The credit card fee is less than the late fee, so if a resident is a little short on rent one month, they can use the credit card to save money.

  • Mail in personal check, money order, or cashier's check to the office (paper payment fee applies)

  • Pay with cash using our electronic payslip at your local 7-Eleven or CVS (service charge applies).

  • Bring a check in person to our office or leave it in the dropbox (paper payment fee applies).

5: ONE-TIME LATE FEE FORGIVENESS: We understand life happens. Ironclad Property Management will grant a one-time waiver of a late rental payment, no questions asked!

6: ONE-TIME ACH/NSF REVERSAL WAIVER: Ironclad Property Management understands that sometimes people do not balance their checkbook often enough and will grant a one-time waiver of an NSF fee.

7: VETTED VENDOR NETWORK: Ironclad Property Management requires all vendors to be licensed and insured. We do this to ensure that all technicians sent to your home are reputable and professional for any and all repairs.

8: UPGRADED MAINTENANCE PORTAL: Ironclad Property Management upgraded our maintenance portal to help make sure we can send out the right vendor the first time. Residents can submit maintenance requests, upload photos of the issue, communicate with management and vendors all in one place, pick repair times, and instantly schedule with the assigned vendor, provide photos and feedback, and more!

9: ANNUAL ON-SITE AND VIRTUAL SAFETY INSPECTIONS: Ironclad Property Management schedules yearly on-site property visits. We do this to identify minor issues before they become significant for you, and to make sure that the property is well maintained. Additionally, we offer online software for residents to perform their own virtual inspections. This software can be used to generate your own move-in report and to document conditions while you live there to help secure your next rental.

10: FREE CREDIT REPORTING FOR ALL RENTAL PAYMENTS: Residents receive the benefit of positive credit reporting for all on-time rental payment. This can help you if you want to buy a house in the future, or reduce your interest rate when buying a car!

11: RESIDENT PORTAL: Residents have free access to the portal to pay rent online and have access to electronic statements. This valuable feature offers Residents 24/7 access to their accounts, records, copies of leases and policies, as well as online rental payment.

12: 24/7 EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE HOTLINE: Ironclad Property Management knows that emergencies happen at inopportune times (late at night and on weekends). With the 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Hotline, you can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns by simply calling the emergency phone line. Call handlers will troubleshoot with you and, when necessary, dispatch vendors.

13: LEASE RENEWAL BENEFIT: If the owner is going to renew the lease for the next year, residents will receive the lease renewal notice 60-75 days before it expires. Due to the Resident Benefits Package, we no longer have to charge the lease signing fee as long as the resident signs the lease at least 30 days before the lease ends. If the resident signs the lease within 30 days of the end of the lease, or if the lease expires, a lease signing fee will be charged.

Planning to Leave

14: CONVENIENT MOVE OUT PROCESS: Ironclad Property Management encourages you to leave the keys in your provided lockbox when you are fully moved out! Our company then generates a move out video to document any damages that were done in excess of normal wear and tear, and compares this to the move in documentation. We will never charge you for damages that you didn’t cause! These videos are provided to each resident for review and prevent any disputes regarding the condition of the property.

15: LANDLORD REFERENCE BENEFIT: One of the biggest challenges residents face when applying to rent a home is being able to document their residence history in order to qualify. At Ironclad Property Management, we routinely videotape and/or photograph each property before and after a tenancy, and host this video on our company YouTube Channel as 'unlisted'. You may request a link to these videos to submit with your application to rent future residences. Oftentimes we get feedback that this helps our residents negotiate lower rents, lower deposits, or to be selected among multiple applicants! Additionally, we have partnered with a company that allows you to do self-inspections which you can use to send to the next owner prior to even leaving the property.

16: HOME BUYING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: If you decide to purchase a home after renting with Ironclad Property Management, we would love to assist you. We have full time real estate professionals that we would pair with you to give you the best possible knowledge and assistance to help you find your forever home! Additionally, if you decide to purchase a home, we will provide you with a $500 credit towards your closing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out of this resident benefit package?

No, Ironclad Property Management includes the Resident Benefits Package in ALL our tenants’ leases. Unfortunately, we can’t make any exceptions to this.

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